• Artist from the Netherlands

    Born in Amsterdam

    Full of Music
  • The American acoustic sessions

    Recorded at downtown Boston Usa

    2nd Album
  • Travelling with Music

    Always coming up with new ideas when abroad

    Travel Music

Albums and Songs

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1st Album: "Start All Over Again"

Consists of 8 songs:
Start all over again
Just a feeling
No time to waste
One day
Somewhere in time
Room in the top
The storm

2nd Album: The American Acoustic Sessions

Consists of 8 songs: Leave the light on (interlude)
Because of you
It's done
Over ?
Drowndeep hula(cover)
I can't trust you
Start all over again(acoustic)
Leave the light on (part two)

3rd Album: Yet to come :)

Maybe a 4th Album in the future ?

Pictures from Remastered

Different pics from different times.Hover over them to read the story.

In Boston

The time period while recording "The American acoustic sessions" in Boston


The announcement of the 2nd album

In New York, on the background Manhattan

On vacation in New York !

Robin Williams

The silent suffering of Robin Williams, this picture was used in one of my video clips

In Boston

Downtown Boston, beautiful city !

During the recording of the 2nd album

Perfect weather in a wonderful city !

In Germany

Vacations in Germany !

Beautiful art

A beuatiful piece of art was displayed in a coffee shop, during a vacation.

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